Available online. Recent article on Impact / strain monitoring – Composites Science and Technology

A. Lemartinel, M. Castro, O. Fouche, J.C. De Luca, J.F. Feller, Impact and strain monitoring in glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminates with embedded quantum resistive sensors (QRSs), Compos. Sci. Technol. 221 (2022) 109352. doi:10.1016/j.compscitech.2022.109352.



• CNT-based Quantum Resistive Sensors are embedded in and between plies of GFRP.

• QRS signal is in phase with the impact load and proportional to its intensity.

• Amplitude of electrical signal is related to location and vicinity to the impacted zone.

• Health state of GFRP is monitored by QRS during impact/cyclic bending sequences.