Seminar – Jinkai Yuan – CRNS CRPP

We’re so glad to welcome Jinkai Yuan !  Jinkai is a CNRS researcher at Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, France.
His current research interests focus on the microfabrication of functional polymer nanocomposites.
He’ll give a talk @IRDL on Tuesday 31st August room CR204.
Among other topics and works, he’ll present work on Nanocomposites and Energy Storage.

Junjin Che, Wilfrid Neri, Isabelle Ly, Philippe Poulin, Cécile Zakri, et al.. Waterborne Nanocompos- ites with Enhanced Breakdown Strength for High Energy Storage. ACS Applied Energy Materials, ACS, 2020, 3 (9), pp.9107-9116. 10.1021/acsaem.0c01476