Seminar – Pr. Daniel Chua – National University of Singapore – 21, Sept – 10:15 AM

LAB SEMINAR – FRIDAY 21st September – IRDL / UBS – building sci.2 Room 028 – 10:15 AM


Designing 2D Materials with applications in Nano Electronics and Clean Energy

Daniel Chua, National University of Singapore, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Singapor

2D carbon and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) materials have attracted much attention due to their unique properties, ranging from low dimensional effects, good structural integrity, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and chemical stability. Increasingly, the applications of these materials have gradually progressed into different areas ranging from electronics to conductive coatings to biomedical technology.

In order to engineer these 2D materials for application specific usage, different types of growth techniques have to been used. In this seminar, I will like to show using bottoms up and top down approach, how one can design the appropriate growth process to achieve the final goal. For example, these 2D materials can be integrated as vacuum electron emitters through engineering the flat-film electron emitters into effective tube-like emitters. A part of this talk will also focus on the lesser known fact that the PLD technique can be used to deposit high quality graphene films at relatively low temperatures of 700 oC and few layered MoS2 at 400 oC creating alternative methods of obtaining high quality materials. The quality of the materials are important and I will show unique properties from 2D materials that is not observed on thin films. Finally, I will also show that these 2D nanocomposite materials can be applied in areas beyond nanoelectronics, such as Li-Air battery, Supercapacitors and PEM fuel cells.


Keywords—2D TMD, field emitters,